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TotalEnergies joins Castor Initiative

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Energy giant TotalEnergies has thrown its weight behind using ammonia as an alternative marine fuel by joining the multinational Castor Initiative coalition.

The existing partners in the Castor Initiative include Lloyd’s Register, Yara Clean Ammonia, MISC Berhad, MAN Energy Solutions and Samsung Heavy Industries, among others. The coalition seeks to promote the potential that ammonia has as an environmentally friendly fuel and drive the development of tankers fuelled by ammonia. In April 2022, the members agreed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop and build two very large crude carriers (VLCCs) that will use green ammonia for propulsion.

Ammonia is a carbon-free molecule, so it can be burned in an internal combustion engine without causing carbon emissions, and it can also be produced using renewable energy such as wind and solar power. Nevertheless, the challenges and risks related to its toxicity need to be managed, possibly limiting its usefulness to larger deep-sea vessels.

TotalEnergies’ Senior Vice President for shipping, Jérôme Cousin, said that among the different alternative fuels for the maritime sector:

“Ammonia could rapidly become a viable solution in the maritime sector while challenges remain to be addressed, in particular on the safety aspects. We are therefore enthusiastic to join the Castor Initiative, one of the most comprehensive and ambitious projects dealing with ammonia as a fuel today.”

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