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TotalEnergies launches global social responsibility programme

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In a reflection of its commitment to its employees, TotalEnergies has launched its worldwide Care Together by TotalEnergies programme to safeguard its workers’ wellbeing.

The France-based company, which makes the Total coolant and lubricant range, says it wants to ensure high social standards for all of its employees, regardless of what regulations may exist in their home country.

The programme will cover the main areas of family life, social protection, health and working conditions.

TotalEnergies’ CEO and Chairman, Patrick Pouyanné, said the new programme reflected the organisation’s:

“…intention to make TotalEnergies a company that is a good place to work. We believe that employees’ well-being is a key factor in our performance. This program increases our social commitments and establishes us as a responsible company for all our employees by promoting high standards worldwide.”

The programme will guarantee that all its employees, wherever they are, will be covered by a health insurance plan that is reliable and suitable, as well as a death benefit equivalent to the gross reference salary for two years. Workers will also have access to a health check-up every two years to ensure they are mentally and physically fit.

In terms of starting or expanding a family, the company will offer the primary parent a minimum of 14 weeks childcare leave on full basic salary, with the secondary parent also entitled to two weeks of leave. Measures will also seek to ensure that parents returning from childcare leave do not fall behind in pay levels.

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