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TotalEnergies releases third season of carbon neutral programme

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France-based TotalEnergies has announced that the third season of its programme “The Roads to Carbon Neutral”, which it produces with CNBC Catalyst, is now available for streaming.

The series aims to share what the company is doing to contribute to a more sustainable future through compelling people-led stories on the ground. Each of the series’ episodes focuses on innovations and solutions that are contributing to the energy transition in the world.

The third season begins with episode number seven in the series, and this focuses on Seagreen wind farm, which recently became fully operational in Scotland’s North Sea waters. In addition to making Total gear oil, grease, and coolant products for the wind industry, TotalEnergies is leveraging its experience with offshore projects to build up its presence in the offshore wind sector.

TotalEnergies’ head of development for offshore wind projects in the UK, Julia Rose, said about the potential for wind power:

“Offshore wind has very rapidly grown to be one of the leading renewable technologies, and rightly so. It’s pretty much an unlimited source of renewable power, which is absolutely instrumental to move us into a lower carbon, more sustainable future.”

Seagreen is TotalEnergies’ first offshore wind farm in the UK, and currently the biggest in Scotland. The 114 wind turbines there stand up to 204 metres tall and can together generate up to 1.1 GW, enough to power more than 1.6 million homes. The episode can be viewed on the TotalEnergies website.

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