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TotalEnergies turns 100 years old

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The France-based energy company TotalEnergies is celebrating its centenary this year after 100 years of operation.

Despite France not having any oil of its own, Compagnie Française des Pétroles was founded in 1924 in a bold and visionary attempt to secure the energy supply for the country.

Over the following 100 years, the company has spread its presence around the world, with it growing and adapting to the shifting technological and geopolitical landscape.

With no access to local resources, unlike its competitors of the time, the company had to leverage its technical expertise and international expansion to create a competitive advantage. It also developed the Total range of lubricant and coolant fluids for vehicles, metalworking and industrial applications.

The company will also be launching a number of initiatives to celebrate the milestone. For example, it plans to issue 100 shares in the company to all of its employees around the world, subject to five years of presence.

CEO and Chairman Patrick Pouyanné said about this:

“A centenary is an unforgettable milestone in a company’s history, and it gives us an opportunity for exceptional initiatives: we are happy to involve both our customers and our employees in this celebration to thank them for their loyalty and commitment.”

TotalEnergies currently has about 100,000 employees in some 120 countries around the world. In addition to producing crude oil, it also produces natural gas, green gases and renewable energy in an ongoing effort to ensure the reliable, sustainable, accessible and affordable supply of energy.

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