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UK company to launch mobile battery service centre technology

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Autocraft EV Solutions, which is based in the UK, is set to revolutionise the servicing of batteries for electric vehicles by rolling out its REVIVE MOBILE Repair Centre across Europe.

Batteries are a key component of battery electric vehicles (EVs), but despite the best efforts of car makers—including the use of specialised coolant fluids from companies like Castrol, Shell, and Total to maintain an optimal operating temperature—battery packs can lose capacity over time or develop faults due to cyclical aging.

This is where the REVIVE MOBILE Centre comes in. It is housed in an expandable container with a 30-foot ISO footprint, so it can be easily transported to where it is most needed rather than shipping huge quantities of heavy EV batteries to a static servicing centre.

After identifying battery faults, many batteries can be restored to near-optimal health by making relatively minor repairs. This is a much more sustainable alternative to replacing the whole battery and recycling the old battery.

Autocraft’s Executive Director, Mike Hague-Morgan, said that EV batteries generally comprise multiple modules with cells for energy storage, adding:

“These cells operate in a series circuit which means that one faulty cell can make an entire module unusable. Our team of engineers have shown that we can repair an EV battery from as low as 10% operational capacity right up to 90% by just repairing one or two modules.”

Hague-Morgan believes the mobile technology will enable battery service centres to be set up in mere weeks.

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