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UK wind power could grow tenfold

According to a new report for the UK Government by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), UK wind power would need to grow by almost 10 times if the country is to get to a state of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

About 7,500 turbines would be needed to boost wind power capacity from the current 8 GW to the necessary 75 GW. The report highlights, however, that this massive capacity could be hosted on just 1–2% of the UK’s seabed, which is not so different from the area already leased out by Crown Estates for wind power projects.

Technology is helping wind turbines to generate more electricity from the same area. For example, advanced lubricants for the wind industry, like those from Mobil UK stockists, protect equipment for longer, even in challenging conditions. Floating turbines, meanwhile, open up options for generating power in deeper water, while larger turbines, like LM Wind’s 107-metre blade for GE’s 12 MW turbines, generate more power than their smaller counterparts.

Ørsted UK offshore manager and chairman of the Offshore Wind Industry Council, Benj Sykes, said about the report’s recommendation:

“This is a clear signal to industry and government to aim high when it comes to our renewable energy supply. That’s good news for consumers as offshore wind is one of the lowest cost power sources we have, and good news for jobs in the UK.”

Sykes also said he expected employment in the wind power industry to double by 2030.

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