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UK wind power sets new records

High winds in February have helped the UK wind power industry to set a series of new records.

It started on Friday, February 8 about lunchtime, when wind power generation reached 15.32 GW and contributed 36% of the country’s power needs, edging out last December’s record of 15.04 GW.

Emma Pinchbeck, an executive director at RenewableUK, said

“At one of the coldest times of the year, when we need it most, wind is generating over a third of Britain’s power needs, setting a new clean energy record. It’s yet another demonstration of how our energy mix is shifting to renewables, with onshore and offshore wind in the vanguard.”

Records have also been recently set for daily generation. On Friday, February 15, a new record was set when generation reached 165 GWh over the day. This record was then shattered the next day when wind power generated 191 GWh. On the following day, UK wind turbines produced 238 GWh, setting yet another record and providing more than 39% of the country’s electricity.

Wind power was by far the biggest source of electricity on that day, with gas (27%) and nuclear (24%) coming second and third, respectively.

More records will no doubt continue to be set as the wind power industry adds more capacity and improves efficiency, such as through advanced lubricants from Mobil UK stockists. In particular, what will be the world’s biggest offshore windfarm, Hornsea One, will gradually come online this year, generating up to 1.2 GW once completed.

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