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Valeo and TotalEnergies to collaborate on EV battery cooling

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Automotive supplier Valeo has agreed a partnership with energy and lubricant giant TotalEnergies to use an innovative dielectric fluid that could have profound consequences for cooling the batteries of electric vehicles (EVs).

Valeo has developed intelligent, low-carbon technologies to thermally manage EV batteries and adapt to changes in driving and charging speed, but using the new fluid developed by TotalEnergies will enable it to make its cooling systems lighter, which in turn will reduce the overall vehicle weight, leading to efficiency and range improvements, all while minimising the risk of battery fire.

This is because while batteries need to be cooled externally with current coolants, TotalEnergies’ new dielectric coolant can make direct contact with battery cells, making it easier to keep them at an optimal temperature.

Total Energies’ Senior Vice President for specialties and lubricants, Philippe Charleux, said about the new coolant:
“The dielectric fluid developed by TotalEnergies rounds out our TotalEnergies Quartz EV Fluid range aimed at electric mobility. It is a unique and innovative solution that aims to contribute to the decarbonisation of the electric mobility sector—one of the company’s strategic priorities.”

He added that the product stood out even more due to its safety advantages, and he also expressed his company’s pleasure at working with Valeo to progress their shared goals of achieving carbon neutrality and sustainable mobility.

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