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Valvoline introduces new Premium Blue One Solution

Leading lubricant maker Valvoline has released the next iteration of its Premium Blue One Solution, a commercial vehicle oil originally launched in 2018.

As with its predecessor, the Premium Blue One Solution Gen2 has been developed in cooperation with engine maker Cummins, which Valvoline has had a working relationship with for 25 years. It is suitable for use in multiple engine types, ranging from light to heavy duty and diesel, petroleum, and natural gas engine platforms, allowing managers to consolidate lubricant products even with a varied fleet, thus reducing costs and limiting – or eliminating entirely – the opportunities for using the wrong oil in a particular engine type. As well as enabling extended drain intervals, it provides improved thermal stability and oxidation.

The Vice President of Sales at Valvoline Heavy Duty, David Young, said:

“Innovation takes effort, but most importantly, it requires us to listen to our customers and work closely with partners like Cummins. When we do this effectively, we can deliver value for our fleet customers by reducing downtime and costs—all while simplifying their operations.”

He also expressed Valvoline’s confidence in the new oil’s potential to expand the market for multi-fuel engine oil, with fleet managers increasingly coming to recognise the benefits this brings.

While the product is currently only available in North America, it is likely that it will also replace its first generation offering in the European market. Valvoline will also be promoting its new product through social media and other digital platforms, as well as industry publications.

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