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Valvoline launches new synthetic oils for marine engines and powersports

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Leading lubricant brand Valvoline Global has launched a new range of fully synthetic premium motor oils for four-stroke engines in marine applications, including powersports.

Four-stroke marine engines and off-road vehicles like all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility task vehicles (UTVs) and snowmobiles face a different set of challenges when compared to typical automobile engines with passenger car engine oil. They are exposed to severe operating conditions, used on a seasonal basis, and often run at higher speeds. The high levels of heat and torque push four-stroke engines to the extreme, so a good quality oil is essential to protect it against unnecessary wear, corrosion and the build-up of deposits.

Valvoline claims its new range has been formulated specially to meet the extreme demands of these engines, so it will deliver them superior protection. Compared to industry standards, Valvoline says the new oils carry 50% better protection against wear and eight times better protection against rust, something that is critical for engines that are commonly exposed to water, especially corrosive salt water. They also feature cleaning agents to effectively prevent high-revving engines from accumulating dirt deposits.

The range includes the Valvoline Full Synthetic 4-stroke Marine Oil for typical four-stroke marine engines, whilst the Valvoline Ultimate Powersport Full Synthetic 4-Stroke Motor Oil is formulated for the smaller engines of vehicles like snowmobiles, UTVs, ATVs and personal watercraft. The oils are already available in selected retailers in the US, but will no doubt also be introduced to the UK and elsewhere in the world in time.

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