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Valvoline launches revolutionary new motor oil

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Valvoline Global, a leading maker of lubricants, has announced the worldwide launch of its ground-breaking Restore & Protect fully synthetic premium motor oil.

Valvoline has a long history going back 150 years, during which it has been a leading producer of automotive and industrial lubricants. The company claims that with continuous use, Restore & Protect is the first of its nature to remove as much as 100% of harmful engine deposits to restore engines to factory levels of cleanliness, while also preventing further deposits from forming.

The achievement was made possible through two new proprietary technologies: First, Active Clean removes deposits to clean engines to factory-like conditions, while Liqui-Shield is what actively prevents new deposits from forming, thereby safeguarding engines against damage in future.

This revolutionary new passenger car engine oil resulted from a three-year-long development process. It is suitable for petrol vehicles ranging from ones that have just rolled off the production line, to more mature vehicles with high mileages. Valvoline says it is the most advanced engine oil that it has ever produced.

Valvoline Global’s CEO and President, Jamal Muashsher, said about the product launch:

“We are thrilled to introduce Valvoline Restore & Protect on a global scale. This product truly redefines what motor oil can achieve and positively impacts consumers and customers like never before. Restore & Protect is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the automotive industry.”

Valvoline says the new product will be on shelves and available through its business partners this year.

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