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Valvoline publishes CSR report for 2020

US-based Valvoline has published its 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, which details how well the company performed last year in aspects of sustainability, citizenship, diversity, inclusion and equity.

The maker of premium lubricants like synthetic commercial vehicle oil has an approach to CSR based on its “Three Vs” – Vision, Vow and Values – when delivering its products and automotive services.

In a statement, Sam Mitchell, Valvoline’s CEO, said:

“Our latest CSR report helps demonstrate the ways in which we delivered for our customers, achieved tremendous results, and made significant progress toward realizing our vision for the company, all through the many challenges 2020 brought. I have never been more proud to work alongside the 8,800 people who make up our team.”

Some of the key achievements put forward by Valvoline in a press release include recycling 2.3 million kilograms of material and eliminating the need for landfill waste disposal at two-thirds of the sites in its supply chain. It has also made improvements at its Instant Oil Change centres by reducing the injury rate by a quarter and appointing all its new centre managers through promotions within the organisation. It says it has also raised some $700,000 in aid of charitable causes and has diversified its supplier spend by $96 million since 2016.

Valvoline’s Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety, Gary Allen, said the company’s CSR approach was constantly evolving. He added that everyone at the company was committed to delivering on its fundamental values while meeting the expectations of all the relevant stakeholders.

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