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What are the different uses of Petronas Lubricants?

Petronas Lubricants International manufactures lubricants on a global scale and is an extension of Petronas, Malaysia’s official national oil corporation.

Since it was first founded back in 2008, the lubricant manufacturer with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur has grown into an international operation, with 30 different marketing offices based in 28 countries, serving over 100 global markets between them.

Petronas has earned a deserved reputation for excellence and lubrication solutions that are second to none. Along with being listed in the world’s top 10 lubricant makers, the company’s outstanding products are showcased on the international Formula One circuit. Petronas is currently in technical partnerships with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team providing development design and delivery for fluid technology, including fuel, lubricants and transmission fluids.

On top of serving motorsport, Petronas lubricants are available suited to a wide range of applications. Today, we’ll discuss some of the different uses these premium quality lubricants are designed for and the types of products on offer.


Petronas formulates an extensive range of engine oils for different classes of vehicles. Oils are offered for the engines of passenger cars, motorcycles and trucks that require heavy-duty solutions. Expertly engineered, these oils are designed to answer the requirements of different specifications of engine and ensure that they remain performing at optimum.


All industrial lubrication requirements can be fulfilled by the comprehensive range of product provided by Petronas. Industrial lubricants developed and delivered by Petronas include slide oils, gear oils, turbine oils, hydraulic oils, heat transfer oils, compressor oils, gas engine oils, circulating oils, chainsaw oils and airtool oils.

Petronas understands that enterprises operating in the industrial sector must stay at the forefront of their field to keep competitive. As a result, the industrial lubricants they supply employ the latest innovations and cutting-edge processes.


Finally, Petronas also offers a full complement of lubricants for the agricultural industry. Engine oils, transmission and brake fluids, universal tractor oils, hydraulic oils, and antifreeze are just some of the products available. Petronas understands that companies operating in farming and agriculture must adhere to strict environmental legislation and are committed to producing products that minimise any harmful impact on our planet.

To sum up, lubricant users will find that Petronas can provide oils, greases and fluids for a wide variety of applications, with each specifically designed to deliver the right results every time.

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