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What are the prime requirements of agricultural oil?

From tractors and balers to planters and sprayers, there are multiple types of agricultural equipment working farms across the country. Whether equipment is stationary or mobile, in order to keep functioning in peak performance, oil specifically created for farm machinery is a wise move.

Today, leading oil producers are developing lubrication that is bespoke to the needs of the modern farm. These agricultural oils have been carefully designed to answer the demands of operations of all scales, ensuring equipment owner’s workflow is never disrupted by downtime for maintenance or part-replacement. The following categories are some of the requirements owners of agricultural enterprises need an equipment oil to fulfil.

Covering crucial functions

Like any oil used with machinery, agricultural oil acts as a lubricant for machine parts reducing friction and wear that can result in pricey repairs. As parts move more freely when lubricated, the oil improves performance allowing machinery to work at its full capacity. The oil also helps to seal parts from contaminants like rust, and filters out sludge and other debris as it flows through the equipment’s innerworkings.

Eco-friendly application

In order to get the best from the land being farmed, an environmentally conscious approach to working is always advised. Mobile and stationary machinery used on farms will commonly involve a certain volume of leakage, so with any oils that seep into the ground and nearby water courses, it is vital to make sure they cause as little harm as possible is. While being considerate to the natural world, today’s modern agricultural oils are formulated with powerful additives so they can still protect equipment from corrosion, excessive wear, and oxidisation.

Empowered by additives

The specially advanced additive packages included in agricultural oil can offer a wide range of benefits for farming machinery including improved chatter control and enhanced shear stability. The advanced defensive properties of additives also work to reduce and even negate sludge build-up, oxidisation, foaming, rusting. and even thermal degradation when components become super-heated.

All-weather dependability

By necessity, farm equipment must work outdoors, and agricultural oils must ensure that machinery operates at an equally high performance, even in extreme weather conditions. Whether running in dry heat or severe cold, the oils will keep equipment working well all year round.

A versatile lubricant

Long-standing agricultural operations may have equipment spanning many eras and it can be more convenient and cost-effective if oil purchased can be used on a wide range of machinery, regardless of its age, size and type. Many agricultural oils can be used flexibly across a varied farm fleet.

Maximum performance

Selecting a high-quality oil for your equipment will ensure your agricultural operation is always working at optimum. Whether farm machinery is active or in storage, owners will know that it is well protected from harmful rust and contaminants and ready to work whenever needed. Agricultural oils available from top lubricant manufacturers such as Q8 and Mobil will also make certain enterprises get the best return on their investment by keeping equipment in operation for an extended period of time.

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