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What does transmission oil do?

Morris, Shell, Mobil and Q8 are among the big oil brands producing transmission lubricant products. Transmission systems have particular lubrication requirements, and selecting a top-quality transmission oil can help to ensure a smooth, reliable performance. It can also help to prolong the life of machinery and reduce downtime, keeping productivity levels high.

The range of specialist transmission oils available includes automatic transmission fluids, which typically consist of a top quality mineral and synthetic oils. Specially selected additives make for impressive frictional characteristics, fluidity at low temperatures, oxidation stability, and compatibility with seals. Such oils can also cope with extremely high temperatures.

Some transmission oils, including those compatible with final drives and automotive gearboxes, are available in a range of multigrade viscosity options. These formulations comprise hypoid, multipurpose oils that contain tailor-made additives for the purpose of enabling gearboxes to stand up to extreme pressure conditions.

Other transmission lubricants can be used with power-shift or automatic transmissions, fluid clutches and couplings, brake boosters, transaxles, levelling or hydraulic systems, converters, transfer boxes, hydrostatic drives, bogie lifts, cab tile mechanisms and motorcycle suspension forks. Many products are designed for use with specific makes and models of vehicle.

Mobil produces several ranges that are ideal for use as transmission oil products – namely its ATF, Gearlube and Mobilube fluids. The ATF range comprises a number of high performance synthetic oils for use with automatic transmission systems. These fluids can readily cope with high demand, such as during heavy loading or high-temperature applications. A high viscosity index and level of stability safeguards against thermal breakdown, as well as enabling low-temperature performance.

Mobil’s Gearlube VS500 is a fully synthetic oil designed for use with the type of hypoid axles that are often present within off-road vehicles. The ideal blend of base oil and additives makes this transmission oil very shear stable, and prevents the formation of rust and deposit accumulation – even when a vehicle is stored. This particular oil is recommended for specific vehicles such as Isuzu, Nissan, Vauxhall, Mitsubishi, Toyota and other four-wheel drives.

Mobilube HD, meanwhile, is available in a choice of two multigrade viscosities. These are high-performance, heavy duty lubricants, with advanced additive sets and top quality base oils. Their uses include heavy duty axles and final drives, where intense pressure and shock loading are the norm.

Other manufacturers of specially formulated transmission oil products include Shell, Morris and Q8. The Shell Spirax range of lubricants can be used in conjunction with a range of heavy duty automotive axel units, while Q8 produces mono and multi-grade viscosity oils. Their hypoid, multipurpose gear lubricants include additives that assist in conditions of extreme pressure when in use with automotive gearboxes and final drives.

Meanwhile, Morris products include Liquimatic Super ATF, a superior automatic transmission fluid based on top quality mineral oil. It also contains balanced additives to ensure an excellent performance regarding oxidation stability, frictional characteristics, low temperature fluidity, seal compatibility and high temperature resistance.

It is crucial to use the correct transmission oil for the intended application, as it is capable of ensuring sleek operations, protecting costly transmission systems and reducing the downtime required for maintenance and repair.

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