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What is gas engine oil?

Gas engine oil is a lubricant specifically created for use with an extensive selection of gas engines, functioning as part of a gas generator. Whether the engine is a standard model or a high-output edition, such as a turbocharged stoichiometric gas engine, oils are readily available from expert manufacturers including Mobil and are specially formulated for the tasks they must perform.

The unique composition of gas engine oils

While some traditional engine oils are simply mineral-based, today’s modern market offers gas engine oils that include specially formulated additives for improved results. Using a blend of carefully designed synthetic oils, combined with a package of cleverly balanced additives, gas engines are now able to achieve far higher performance levels than were previously thought attainable.

Advantages of specially designed oils

Additives included in gas engine oils are selected for their qualities to assist machinery, ensuring gas generators are functioning at optimum level.

On top of improved operation, the specially designed additives in gas engine oils can also offer equipment maximum protection from unwanted deposits, such as ash forming on ring belts or piston lands.

Designed to defend against friction, gas engine oil reduces scuffing and wearing of other integral machine parts, such as the valve seat or face. They have also been formulated to be resistant to forms of corrosion, such as oxidation, along with assisting in lowering consumption of oil and boosting valve lubrication performance.

As well as outstanding levels of protection for machinery, gas engine oils also possess exceptional chemical stability. This quality makes them highly tolerant when it comes to operating at top performance, even in extreme temperatures. In turn, this makes them appropriate for ebullient cooled applications, as well as cogeneration.

Built for multiple gas engine types

Gas engines produced by leading manufacturers such as Q8 can often be used with a wide range of gas engines, including four-cycle turbocharged and high-speed engines, as well as stoichiometric and lean-burn designs.

Prolonging the life of an engine

Gas engine oil works to simultaneously cool and lubricate the engines it flows through, collecting unwanted debris and allowing it to pass freely without clogging parts. The more efficiently the gas engine oil performs these tasks, the more effectively the engine will run.

Smooth operating action not only decreases wear but also decreases damage to parts of the engine, which means repairs and maintenance are less likely to be necessary. This lack of disruption can lead to more efficient operations and reduce costs from expensive repairs and parts requiring replacement.

Acting as a coolant, the gas engine oil also stops engines from overheating and needing downtime, making for more continuous workflow.

A gas engine that is running properly will also need less fuel to power, adding to savings.

Engines that function at the optimum level will tend to operate for longer, extending their life. Making certain that an engine is always working at top performance, aided by a quality lubricant designed specifically for use with the engine, will mean owners can take full advantage of their investment.

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