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What is the best lubricant for metal on metal?

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In working engines and equipment, many metal components operate in proximity to one another. If the surfaces of these moving metal parts come into contact with one another, friction and undue wear will occur. When metal surfaces grind up against one another without lubrication, the result is damage from excessive heat and wearing. On top of harm to equipment, productivity and performance are also negatively impacted. To resolve this issue, a metal-on-metal lubricant must be deployed and for many equipment users. The best option by far is lithium grease

What lithium grease can offer

Lithium grease is renowned for being an all-purpose lubricant. It is specifically effective for lubrication where metal-on-metal contact will occur but is equally effective in operating environments where metal-on-plastic friction may occur.

Lithium grease can effectively help mitigate unwanted friction and enables equipment components to move freely and more smoothly. Additionally, it can provide outstanding protection from rust and other contaminants. A heavy-duty white lubricant, lithium grease is able to work efficiently in both high-heat areas and those subject to high moisture levels.

Enhanced operation

In terms of equipment lubrication, after lithium grease is applied, it works by coating all mechanical components. The result is a smooth glide and seamless mechanical movement that streamlines processes while effectively reducing heat.

Another benefit of lithium grease is that its durable properties promote longevity. As a result, the lubricant can last for longer periods of time allowing firms to reduce maintenance time while saving money through fewer grease applications being required to keep equipment running efficiently.

Lithium grease has a far thicker viscosity than many other products in its field. This enables it to adhere to any surfaces where it is required and provides a more dependable coat of grease.

Lithium grease types

The three kinds of lithium grease available include general purpose, speciality and marine grade grease. As its name suggests, the general-purpose edition is designed to serve a wide range of different applications and is not formulated for a specific type of equipment or vehicle. However, speciality greases are offered with different additives that ensure it can meet the operating requirements of certain applications. Finally, marine-grade lithium greases are designed to lubricate and protect machinery that is exposed to heavy water and saltwater environments.

Users seeking premium levels of metal-on-metal protection for their equipment can rely on lithium grease but must ensure they select the ideal type for their specific application for best results.

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