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What is the difference between a military oil specification lubricant and a regular lubricant?

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Recent reports indicate that most enterprises operating a fleet here in the United Kingdom will select to use any synthetic lubricant available to keep the innerworkings of their vehicles running smoothly while avoiding mechanical downtime, providing it is affordable. However, this is not the correct approach to take, as it ultimately often leads to multiple and severe mechanical issues in equipment. The result of this is that any savings enjoyed on using less expensive lubricants will be eaten up by the staggering accumulated costs of repairs, replacement parts and vehicle downtime.

Surveys show that successful operations consider all the potential lubrication solutions available before selecting the ideal solution for the vehicles and equipment they use. From drain intervals to viscosity, the benefits and characteristics of a specific lubricant can have a significant impact on how productive businesses are as well as their annual profits. A less common lubricant for firms to consider, however, is a military oil specification, which can offer significant benefits over many regular lubricants. In this blog, we’ll take a look at this advanced and hard-wearing option that can be sourced by specialist lubricant procurement services when required

Enhanced lubrication

The main role of an oil or grease in machinery is to inhibit different types of wear and tear that occur while they are working. By removing friction, an engine will run effectively without any need for regular repairs or replacement parts. However, some kinds of regular lubricant cannot be relied upon to improve a vehicle’s dedicated lubrication system. Designed for maximum performance, a military oil specification lubricant can meet all metrics required for high quality oils. For instance, they can reduce unwanted wear and tear by over 90 per cent, which is a standard that is difficult to fulfil for more conventional forms of lubrication that are available to purchase.

Cleaner vehicle engines

Industrial and commercial vehicle operators must be highly focused on tracking down a heavy-duty lubricant that can not only lubricate an engine system but keep all its various parts clean and free from unwanted contaminants. However, this isn’t always an easy task to achieve, as many vehicle engines are characterised by grease, debris, grease, and unwanted residue from combustion. As a rule, most regular lubricating oils offered to buy will add to the dirt and grime in an engine rather than removing all the foreign matter and debris. Built for use in extreme environments, military oil specification lubricants are engineered to play a critical cleaning role in revitalising the entire engine, effectively removing all the debris and dirt from its moving parts to ensure it can be depended on during active duty.

Enhanced engine cooling

Long-distance vehicles must cool their engines when they make lengthy journeys across the country and continent. Air and water are the main cooling mechanisms for most types of engines. However, specific components in these heavy-duty engines can only be adequately cooled using specific kinds of lubricants. Unlike a regular lubricant, a military oil specification can be counted on to cool all parts of an engine thanks to their capacity for extreme penetration. As military specification oils possess exceptionally high boiling points, they are especially efficient as reliable alternative for cooling the most detailed parts of a vehicle engine.

Increased engine efficiency

Physical and mechanical weaknesses throughout an engine lead to circumstances where most of the engine system is weak and cannot perform its role at optimum. It may become inefficient because of loose components and sometimes when the seals of cylinder and engine pistons have become degraded. This can lead to engine performance that is significantly reduced. In comparison to regular oils, military oil specifications can be depended on to fill any gaps or holes and gaps left by inferior mechanical works, which can help enhance the performance and efficiency levels of an engine.

Improved engine durability

While some lubricant distributors will discuss the advantages of using the oils they promote, an expert in procurement will highlight oils for their ability to increase an engine’s active service life. Standard lubricants are not always the best quality and can play a substantial role in reducing an engine’s lifespan. However, a military oil specification offers long lasting lubrication capabilities, which are not always common in regular lubricants.

While a military oil specific lubricant is not the first solution firms consider for their equipment and vehicles, as you can see this advanced option comes with multiple user benefits. Designed to be dependable in the most extreme environments and operating conditions, military spec lubricants are required to offer capabilities beyond a regular lubricant. While the many advantages of these speciality solutions are clear to see, before using any lubricant remember to consult your original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) recommendation first.

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