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What makes an ideal agricultural lubricant?

Firms operating in the agricultural sector understand that to maintain farm equipment, whether it’s stationary or mobile, lubrication is essential. From tractors and harvesters to planters and pickers, all require high-quality agricultural oil to makes sure they can deliver exceptional performance, with their components moving freely without friction for greater efficiency.

Oils do far more than simply grease the wheels of machinery, however, and in the following sections, we’ll look at just some of the key qualities an agricultural lubricant must supply to be worth its price.

Acting as a coolant

Farming is an intense and competitive industry, which means farm machinery must often work at extreme rates for long periods of time. The faster and more intensely it works, the hotter its individual components become, which can lead to parts becoming damaged and disrupting workflow. For this reason, agricultural lubricants must also act as coolants, transferring unwanted heat from working components.

Environmentally friendly

First and foremost, any agricultural oil must be kind to the environment or risk damaging the very resources that provide the profits for farming operations. When farming equipment is in use, it will often leak fluids into the ground beneath it – if these lubricants are toxic, this can be hazardous for the land. Toxins can seep into the earth, poisoning the land and damaging soil quality, and they can also enter underground watercourses, spreading out for many acres.

Fortunately, more eco-friendly oils are specifically designed for the agricultural sector that are made using natural base oil and additives that will not harm the environment. Mobil and Q8 are two leading brands that make these green-minded solutions for the farming industry.

Rust preventative

Farm machinery must often work outside in extreme weather conditions. When rain and air meet iron alloys like steel, rust can form on essential engine parts, degrading them. Vehicles suffering from rust contamination can become dangerous to those who operate them and others nearby if essential parts that have become weakened by oxidation break. For this reason, agricultural lubricants should also have anti-rust properties for premium protection. Oils with rust prevention additives can also keep equipment safe when stored, so it is always in perfect shape to return to active service.

A multi-tasker

Some farms may have a wide range of equipment for their operations. For economic reasons, an agricultural oil that can serve a diverse selection of machinery effectively may be a sought-after solution, as it allows enterprises to bulk buy their lubricant at more affordable prices.

Effective lubrication for lasting use

The better farm equipment is lubricated, the less likely it is for parts to become worn. Repairs and replacement parts can be costly, as can equipment downtime. Sourcing a suitable agricultural lubricant that can supply premium levels of lubrication will not just avoid these issues, but will also ensure equipment lasts for many years. Farming machinery is exceptionally expensive, so keeping it in the best condition as possible with a high-quality agricultural oil is by far the best way to protect such a sizeable investment.

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