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What’s the best lubricant for agricultural hydraulic machinery?

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Every industry requires a reliable supply of different types of lubrication to keep equipment and machinery functioning effectively, and the agricultural sector is no exception. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the ideal lubricants for use in hydraulic machinery used in agricultural operations. Read on to learn more.

Agricultural hydraulic fluids vs conventional hydraulic oils

The hydraulic fluids required to run agricultural machinery and farming vehicles such as tractors are not the same as standard hydraulic oils you find in stores. You should never use a conventional hydraulic fluid in a tractor, but an agricultural hydraulic fluid instead. Tractor hydraulic fluids are specifically designed to fulfil many different functions and applications including transmissions, final drives, differentials, hydraulics, power steering, wet brakes and PTOs.

Dedicated tractor hydraulic fluids have many different names but, essentially, they all refer to the particular product for which they are used. You might hear the terms “torque converter fluid,” “tractor hydraulic oil,” “UTTO,” which is an abbreviation of “universal tractor transmission oils,” or “UDT,” which is short for “universal dynamic tractor oil,” among many others.

A wide range of leading lubrication companies produce these agricultural hydraulic fluids that will work with a variety of farm and industrial equipment. This is important because farming operations typically have machinery that dates to different eras. Buying a different product for each piece of equipment and vehicle is not an equitable solution compared to being able to bulk buy a one-size fits all lubricant.

Hydraulic fluids to answer the challenges of farming operations

Due to the environmental and operating conditions of farming equipment and vehicles, conventional hydraulic fluid is not an appropriate solution. Specially formulated to answer specific challenges and requirements, agricultural hydraulic fluid is the answer.

A wide array of hydraulic fluids have been designed specifically for the agricultural industry, including options which suit different temperatures for seasonal work and biodegradable solutions for working in environmentally sensitive areas

Low viscosity fluids are produced for winter applications, while environmentally friendly products are vegetable-based to make them highly biodegradable. This ensures no harm comes to soil and underground water sources when machinery and vehicles leak during operation.

Agricultural hydraulic fluids offer a wide range of additional benefits. These include high levels of wear protection and a high viscosity index to ensure hydraulic systems remain protected at a full range of temperatures, along with good fluidity during cold starts.

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