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Which engine oil is best for vintage vehicles?

From classic cars and motorcycles to harvesters and tractors, vehicles with vintage engine designs have different needs to their modern incarnations. Older engines often feature far bigger oil galleries and therefore must rely more heavily on splash and cling-style lubrication. Traditional materials are used in various elements, with gaskets sometimes containing copper and cork, and a build-up of contaminants due to outmoded filtration systems can put engines at risk.

Using the incorrect oil for any kind of equipment can not only cause potential harm to parts, resulting in expensive repairs, but render them entirely inoperable and no longer fit for service. Vehicles from every era each have an oil most suited to their make and model, but over time engine oils have advanced to serve the latest cars, trucks, and motorcycles in showrooms around the country, and older brands are no longer freely available.

The good news is that leading oil manufacturers like Morris have specially formulated engine oils that can work effectively with older equipment and are considerately designed to answer its unique requirements.

Products to suit the original style

Today’s oil producers have formulated extensive ranges of classic lubricants for older makes and models, often developed in the style of the original oils once stocked by suppliers. Automotive oil manufacturers understand the value cherished older models can have to collectors and enthusiasts and work hard to produce suitable lubricants, using natural mineral oil combined with a formula that is low in detergents.

Additives for exceptional protection

To preserve and protect the life of classic engines, oil manufacturers also employ additive technology to create cleverly balanced lubricants that offer strong support. Typically, the additive packages included in modern vehicle oils are highly specified and use powerful dispersant and detergent additives. These ensure any contaminants building up in engines are held in suspension before being filtered out via the latest technology. Older models of engine are not equipped with such advanced filtration systems, however, so using these newly developed oils can quickly lead to engines clogged up with unwanted debris leading to engine damage.

With these limitations in mind, oils such as Golden Film from Morris have been engineered and manufactured. Using a mineral oil as a base, the additive package instead features low dispersant and low detergent ingredients, making it ideal for classic models of vehicle and equipment. The low dispersant capability enables any solid matter that is building up within the engine’s working parts to fall harmlessly down to the sump.

Other benefits from included additives can be enhanced oil circulation on cold-start and a greater level of oil pressure during operation. Anti-foaming properties are also present in some additive packages, reducing unwanted air build-up in oil which can shorten the lubricants lifespan, requiring it to be replaced more regularly.

Performance over distance

Using a classic oil developed with the individual requirements of veteran machinery will ensure owners get the best performance from vehicles. Mechanical equipment operating at optimum will not only avoid unwanted and costly repairs, but lead to longevity for an engine’s life.

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