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Which lubrication is suitable for high load-bearing machinery?

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High load-bearing machinery must cope with strong impacts and pressures, and often limiting conditions when it comes to lubrication. As a result, specialist solutions are carefully formulated using customised base oils and specific additives. Among the best lubricants for this type of machinery are high-load industrial greases that contain a large percentage of extreme pressure (EP) additives.

These built-for-purpose greases are adapted specially to resist vibrations and impacts which are common forces often found in heavy industry, to mitigate excessive wear caused by a lubricant under deteriorating operating conditions. The physical and chemical actions of the additives greatly inhibit seizure phenomena and help avoid equipment breakage and operational downtime.

Ingredients of industrial high-load greases

Industrial greases always use a high-viscosity base oil infused with a variety of thickeners to create a robust and effective lubrication film for high-load machinery. A combination of Extreme Pressure additives and dry lubricants like Graphite, MoS2, PTFE and other metallic oxides are also often used to offer high performance levels in all extreme applications.

Equipment that High-load greases are suitable for lubricating.

High-load greases are especially designed for lubricating a wide range of different equipment and machinery that must work under excessive pressure levels. This includes both cylindrical and spherical roller bearings, Spherical thrust roller bearings, open gears, furnace crowns, shredder rings, crusher screen bearings and gear-teeth couplings

Extreme Pressure and high-load greases are designed for use in heavy industry predominantly. They are typically composed of a high or very high viscosity base oil to maximise shock absorption, up to 30 per cent solid lubricants and a combination of additives in liquid form that are specifically selected for their ability to preserve and protect metallic surfaces working under constraint.

The Extreme Pressure properties of high-load greases far exceed the thresholds found in conventional greases and can have values of up to 800 kg. Working under extreme conditions, high-load greases display remarkable lubricity. As a result of their highly resistant lubricating film, they can help avoid equipment harm caused by high pressures and impacts on bearings.

User benefits of high-load greases

Finally, industrial high-load greases offer multiple operational benefits. The exceptional protection they offer provides reduced maintenance costs while their excellent mechanical stability maintains seals, reducing grease consumption. They also offer improved productivity thanks to their functionality under limiting conditions. Industrial high-load greases are classed as speciality greases. To avoid confusion with multi-purpose standard greases, products are typically coloured.

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