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Why a single lubricant supplier can be a good idea

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When you have new equipment that requires specific lubricants that your current supplier doesn’t carry, it can often result in dealing with multiple suppliers. A lubricant supplier shouldn’t be seen as a transactional party, but rather a partner in the entire lubrication process – one that can be trusted to always employ best practices. Here are some of the advantages of sticking with one supplier that can meet all your needs.

Reduces workload

First all, dealing with a single supplier reduces the workload for your teams who deal with purchasing, receiving and accounting, and being able to group more products into a single order means fewer discrete purchase orders to track and account for.

Consolidate needs

What’s more, when you buy from a single supplier, it provides the opportunity to consolidate your lubricant needs and use the volume to negotiate a good deal. You may well also receive a higher level of service as a regular bulk customer rather than an occasional buyer of a few products.

Quality standards

Finally, working with a supplier as a partner also opens up opportunities to establish quality standards and ensure it will always have stock available at short notice, so you won’t have to wait to deal with unexpected lubrication issues.

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