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Why do so many businesses rely on Mobil oil?

Mobil has been producing industrial oils for over 150 years, with customers based in many countries worldwide and operating in a variety of industries.

Working with equipment manufacturers

ExxonMobil works with equipment manufacturers to make sure that they meet the lubrication requirements that manufacturers demand. As new technology is developed, Mobil is meeting the challenge of providing new oil specifications that help make new mechanised equipment more reliable.

There are many reasons why manufacturers and users trust Mobil as their oil supplier.

Advancing productivity

The goal or purpose of Mobil is to develop high performance products that advance the productivity of companies. Oils are designed to lubricate and protect machinery from corrosion. Mobil develops long-lasting oils that need changing less regularly. This increases productivity because machine downtime is reduced; for example, Mobil DTE Light is ideal for machinery that is in constant use. Additives in the oil protect machinery against rust and corrosion, and the oil is suitable in ocean locations as it protects machinery from the corrosive effects of saltwater.


The safety of workers is of paramount concern. Long-life lubricants improve the reliability of machinery, resulting in fewer leaks, spills and downtime. This makes the working environment safer.

The environment

Powered machinery impacts the environment. Diesel-burning machinery emits gasses and oil has to be disposed of safely after an oil change. Mobil oils help reduce the environmental impact of oil.

Advanced lubricants help machinery to be energy efficient and this lowers energy costs and means that fewer greenhouse gasses are emitted. Long-lasting lubricants need changing infrequently, and this reduces lubricant disposal.

Mobil is actively researching ways to reduce greenhouse gases and energy use. The company has a policy to ensure that their business has a positive influence on local communities in every area that they operate.

Customer service

Most users of Mobil oil buy from distributors like ourselves at Oil Store. Mobil may not sell directly to a business, but their Mobil Serv program means that a business can communicate directly to experts at company about particular lubricant requirements. For example, if a business is not sure whether they need Mobil DTE Light Oil or a heavier grade and their distributor is not sure either, they can communicate directly with the Mobil team.

If a business has complex issues concerning their use of oil, a Mobil engineer can visit to discuss ways in which Mobil products can be a solution to a lubricant challenge.

The key to reliable maintenance and avoiding downtime for machinery is oil analysis that tests the efficiency of all oil being used in machinery. Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis is a system that makes oil analysis quicker and more efficient.

An excellent choice

Mobil spends a lot on research and development, and Mobil DTE Light is an example of an advanced product that is made from refined oil with additives developed to increase efficiency.

To keep your machinery going longer by making it more reliable, Mobil is the favoured oil brand for many British companies, and we are an official distributor here at Oil Store.

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