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Why is agricultural oil so important?

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Different industries use specific types of machinery and involve different operating environments, conditions, and work rates. Additionally, companies are also subject to specific legislation that they must adhere to. To ensure equipment can function properly and remain protected, a supply of high-quality lubrication is essential, but machinery used by agricultural enterprises faces unique challenges. As a result, dedicated agricultural oils are engineered specifically for the sector. Read on to learn why this oil is so vital to successful farming operations around the world.

Economic importance

Agricultural equipment and vehicles like tractors, harvesters and fruit pickers are heavy-duty machinery. Agricultural oils are formulated to supply optimum lubrication that ensures metal-on-metal wear does not occur resulting in poor performance and equipment damage. Without adequate lubrication, operators must pay for expensive repairs and replacement parts. However, when wear results in equipment being out of action or operating at less than optimum, a loss of productivity occurs at great costs to the business.

Lubricants designed for agricultural machinery are also designed to protect it from the rust and other corrosives. With an understanding that machinery must work outdoors often in challenging weather, agricultural oil is enhanced with rust inhibitors and other additives to deliver premium protection. As a result, this built-for-purpose lubricant also protects a business’s investment in what is typically extremely expensive equipment.

Agricultural oils are also available that can keep operational costs lower. Universal Tractor Oil (UTO), for example, is designed to be used with a wide range of equipment to ensure that operations can use the lubricant with an extensive selection of different ages, makes and models of vehicle.

Environmental importance

Farming operations involve machines working outdoors and it is understood that lubrication products such as oil will leak during operation and impact the natural environment. Oils will seep into the pasture and soil but also penetrate this top layer, entering underground watercourses. Chemicals in lubricants can cause harm to the land, but also harm animals grazing and obtaining refreshment close by.

Agricultural oils are designed to be less harmful to the environment, minimising their impact on the land and livestock. Strict regulations exist for farming operations and agricultural oils are designed to ensure that enterprises operating in the sector remain compliant with legislation and avoid severe penalties. Specially formulated with sustainability in mind, many agricultural oils are designed to be biodegradable.

In sum for both economic and environmental reason, agricultural oil is exceptionally important for those operating in the sector.

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