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Why use rust preventative oil?

As vehicles or other machinery are a huge investment in your business, it’s always wise to use the most protective lubricant product possible. This will help to slow down or even prevent the rusting of important and expensive parts and components, typically prolonging the life of an engine or other system. Use of the right rust preventative oil will ensuring a great performance, even when equipment has been stored for some time.

Rust preventive lubricant products are specially designed to provide protection for metal surfaces that could be subject to corrosive damage such as rust. This can occur whether equipment is in use or being stored. Rust inhibitors contained within the oil’s formula create a protective barrier on surfaces, safeguarding them against the type of deterioration that can be caused by the presence of water, airborne particles or cleaning products.

Oil formulas that are tailor made to stop rusting will also often fight emulsification and also may feature rapid drying times. A typical solvent-based oil will deposit a waxy, water-repellent film on the surfaces that it is applied to, which then reduces the risk of rusting. These long-life lubricants are equally effective when equipment is in frequent, constant or occasional use, or if it is in storage.

Houghton is a key manufacturer of rust preventative oil products. Its Ensis range comprises a series of protective lubricants that are designed for use on the type of metal surfaces that are likely to suffer corrosion, either when in use or during periods of storage.

Ensis DW rust inhibitors are a range of solvent-based formulas that boast excellent properties of water displacement. They work by leaving a protective film on surfaces, protecting metal components from the kind of deterioration that can be caused by air, detergents, moisture and other contaminants. These products also have a fast drying time.

Houghton Ensis DW formulas contain a low odour solvent and specially selected additives which improve performance, as well as giving up to 12 months’ protection where used indoors. Each product deposits a thin waxy film on metal surfaces that is resistant to cracking and peeling, yet can easily be removed. These lubricants work with either ferrous or non-ferrous metals, and are barium free.

Using a formula such as a Houghton rust preventive oil has a range of key benefits. Users discover rapid water separation, a prolonged bath lifetime and that less frequent sump cleanups are required. Production is slicker and faster, and there is no need to wash the product off.

Operators prefer such formulas as they are dearomatised, contain no heavy metals, and they find that the dry film is not at all tacky, making it altogether more pleasant to work with. The medium flash point reduces evaporation and minimises the risk of fire, while the oil can also neutralise unsightly fingerprints, leaving a clear and professional finish.

A rust preventative oil does just what it says on the tin, protecting valuable equipment as well as prolonging its lifespan and improving performance – even when the equipment is not in current usage.

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