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Wolfgang Sammer takes over as Kluber CEO

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Leading lubricant maker Kluber has announced that Dr Wolfgang Sammer has now assumed leadership of the company.

This follows the resignation of Claus Langgartner as Speaker of the Management Board and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the end of last year.

Langgartner’s 25-year term as CEO is regarded as a successful one, with the company consolidating its leadership in the market, passing some significant milestones, and looking to the future in areas like energy efficiency and sustainability.

Langgartner said in addition to bringing his leadership abilities to the organisation, Sammer also brought pioneering thinking and extensive experience, making him the ideal candidate to lead the company through its next stage of development and growth.

Sammer said that for him, the appointment felt like both the continuance of an established commitment and the beginning of a new journey, adding:

“I am delighted to play a key role in the next chapter of Klüber Lubrication’s success story. Our management team is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for our customers, as specialty lubricants can make an important contribution to energy efficiency.”

Kluber Lubrication was originally established in 1929 to sell products based on mineral oil. It is now a prominent maker of speciality lubricants, with it supplying high-end solutions like gear oil and compressor oil to almost all markets and industries around the globe.

It has earned itself a superb reputation in the market by providing extensive consultation services to provide high-quality lubricants. It has a presence in over 30 countries, including the UK.

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