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Your guide to passenger car engine oil

There is a huge range of passenger car engine oils on the market that suit all makes and models of vehicle. This includes high-quality lubricants from respected manufacturers such as Mobil, Morris, Shell and Q8.

Use of a leading brand passenger car engine oil will ensure a great performance, as well as keeping your car engine in the best possible condition. This helps to maintain a clean system and will protect the engine from deposit build-up damage and wear.

Whether you run one or more cars for domestic use or have a fleet of company cars or taxis to maintain, it is always a good idea to use a top quality lubricant to ensure the maximum performance and to help keep your vehicle’s engine in great condition. It is wise, when selecting an engine oil, to refer to the product description and the car or van’s handbook to ensure compatibility.

Specific car manufacturers may recommend a certain type of car engine oil to suit their vehicles, and this might also vary according to age. A classic Volkswagen, for example, may require a different oil to that recommended for a brand new Ford. A number of passenger cars will need an engine oil with low viscosity. Some lubricants are equally compatible with diesel or petrol engines, including those with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) fitted.

Certain passenger car lubricants are formulated to offer a long life, and some of these are highly compatible with vehicles fitted with turbocharged engines. Other engine oils might be specifically designed for the lubrication of a particular make and model.

Mobil alone, for example, produces a range of passenger car engine oil products. Some formulas are made to offer improved fuel economy, while others are ideal for modern diesel engines. Mobil 1 0W-40 Turbo Diesel, for instance, is a synthetic engine oil designed to protect the engines of diesel passenger cars, as well as vans and light duty trucks. As the name suggests, it is especially compatible with high-performance, turbocharged diesel engines.

British, market-leading manufacturer Morris also produces a range car lubricants, such as its fully synthetic products that ensure a superb performance and enhanced levels of fuel efficiency. Morris Multivis ADT C2 5W-30, for example, is ideal for both petrol and diesel engines that require a low viscosity oil, and this formula can be used with vehicles that have devices such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs) fitted.

Q8 also produces some advanced car engine lubricants, such as Formula Special G Long Life 5W/30. This is a very high-performance synthetic oil suitable for both extended and normal drain intervals. Q8’s top level engine oil has been designed for cars or vans that have turbocharged or normally aspirated engines, and that run on gasoline, diesel or LPG.
Shell’s Helix Ultra 5W-40 is just one of the synthetic motor oils offered by the Dutch-British firm. This lubricant can ably cope with extremely of hot or cold temperatures and the most demanding driving conditions, ensuring engine protection and outstanding performance.

Whatever kind of vehicle you use for personal purposes, using just the right passenger car engine oil can help to ensure your engine lasts longer and gives a better performance.

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