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Introducing Arrow Lotoxane, the go-to solution for professional degreasing needs across various industries. Unlike conventional solvents, Lotoxane® offers a non-flammable and nearly odourless alternative, ensuring safety without compromising efficiency.

Trusted by leading OEMs worldwide, Lotoxane® effectively removes lubricants, protective coatings, cutting oils, and hydraulic oils from a wide range of surfaces, including metals, plastics, composites, and painted surfaces. Its versatility allows for application via spray, brush, dip tank, wipe, or ultrasonic bath, catering to diverse degreasing requirements.

With Lotoxane®, the risk of flammability associated with traditional degreasers is eliminated, enhancing workplace safety, and reducing the need for extensive personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, its low odour significantly improves the working environment for employees.

Arrow Lotoxane Applications

Lotoxane® stands out for its controlled evaporation and high contaminant loading, translating to cost savings and reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. For accelerated drying times, options like Lotoxane® Fast, Lotoxane® XF, and Lotoxane® Triple F are available, offering quicker evaporation while maintaining safety and cost-effectiveness.

When faced with heavy grease and oil deposits, Lotoxane® HD delivers enhanced degreasing performance while retaining the key characteristics of standard Lotoxane®.

Endorsed by prominent industrial giants such as Rolls Royce, Airbus, Caterpillar, and BAE Systems, among others, Lotoxane® is a proven choice for industrial degreasing needs.

From electrical maintenance to component preparation, final cleaning, protective coatings removal, and surface preparation, Lotoxane® offers unparalleled performance and compatibility with various substrates, ensuring efficient cleaning without damage.

Choose Arrow Lotoxane for safe, effective, and versatile degreasing solutions across diverse industrial applications. Click here to view the Lotoxane brochure or buy now from Oil Store or reach out to our expert team for technical support.

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