CPI 1008-68

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CPI 1008-68 sets a new standard in compressor lubricants, meticulously formulated with high-quality hydrotreated mineral oil and an exceptional performance additive package that incorporates CPI’s patented “seal swell” technology. This advanced lubricant boasts enhanced oxidation stability and a pour point depressant, ensuring optimal operation across a wide temperature range. With low volatility, CPI 1008-68 reduces maintenance needs and significantly curtails lubricant consumption, offering cost-effective and efficient performance.

Ideal for ammonia compressors with evaporator temperatures greater than -45°C, this lubricant is a reliable choice for various applications, including process gas rotary screw and reciprocating compressors. Notably, CPI 1008-68 holds NSF H2 Food Grade Certification (Registration Number 142864), making it suitable for below-the-line food-grade applications.

Key Features and Benefits of CPI 1008-68

  • Patented Seal Swell Technology: Minimize ammonia system leaks, ensuring system integrity and reliability.
  • Oxidatively Stable: Enjoy a longer system life with superior oxidation stability.
  • Low Carry-Over: Improve evaporator efficiency with low carry-over, enhancing overall system performance.
  • Corrosion Protection: Enhance system reliability and reduce downtime with robust corrosion protection.
  • Low Pour Point: Facilitates easier oil removal, contributing to the efficiency of maintenance procedures.
  • Low Volatility: Experience reduced maintenance and top-ups, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

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