CPI 412-100DX

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Maximize the efficiency and reliability of your ammonia refrigeration systems with CPI 412-100DX Refrigeration Compressor Oil. Specifically designed for use in ammonia compressors with direct expansion-style evaporators, this quality lubricant ensures unparalleled performance and longevity.

Applications and Compressor Types

Ideal for ammonia compressors, process gas rotary screw compressors, and process gas reciprocating compressors, CPI 412-100DX stands out as a reliable choice for various applications, particularly in direct expansion style evaporators.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Soluble in Ammonia: Enhanced heat transfer and efficiency are achieved with CPI 412-100DX, ensuring optimal performance in ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Oxidatively Stable: Experience a longer system life with exceptional oxidative stability, minimizing the risk of degradation and ensuring consistent performance
  • Low Carry-Over: Improve evaporator efficiency with low carry-over, enhancing overall system performance
  • Corrosion Protection: Enhance system reliability and reduce downtime with robust corrosion protection, ensuring uninterrupted operation
  • Very Low Pour Point: Reduce efficiency loss and facilitate easier oil removal with CPI 412-100DX’s very low pour point, contributing to maintenance efficiency
  • Low Volatility: Enjoy reduced maintenance and top-ups, thanks to the low volatility of CPI 412-100DX, ensuring hassle-free operation

Choose CPI 412-100DX Refrigeration Compressor Oil for unparalleled performance in your ammonia refrigeration systems. Elevate your system’s reliability and efficiency today. Buy CPI 412-100DX or consult with our expert team for any technical support.

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