Fuchs PBC-D




Fuchs PBC-D is a grey-coloured, metal-containing, smooth paste for a large range of applications. According to its formulation, PBC-D is free of silicone and lead. Being a non melting EP lubricant, it is suitable for slow-moving surfaces at temperatures up to 150°C. Above this temperature and at temperatures up to 1,200 °C the carrier oil slowly evaporates, and special oxides are formed which avoid seizure of the contact surfaces in a highly efficient way.

  • temperature ranges: -20 / +1,200 °C
  • temperature ranges: for continuous application: up to 150 °C; for anti-fretting applications: up to 1,200 °C
  • excellent release effect at high temperatures
  • used as an anti-squeal medium
  • approved by LOBA (Upper Mining Inspectorate) for use in underground and opencast mining

Field of application

As a protective grease Fuchs PBC-D acts as a lubricating seal to prevent ingress of water and corrosive solutions. It may also be used as a jointing compound and anti-squeal medium. Applications can be found in variable pitch blade fans and king pin thrust bearings of heavy trucks, and universal joints. PBC-D acts as a anti-fretting agent between contact surfaces with oscillating movements.

Method of application

Prior to the application of PBC-D the surfaces to be lubricated shall be cleaned. Fuchs PBC/D can then be applied manually, by brush or spatula. It can also be pumped in suitable automatic lubrication systems.

Additional information

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