Fuchs Renolin B10 VG32




Fuchs Renolin B10 VG32 is a high-quality oil with excellent protective properties again corrosion. It is modelled on selected mineral oils and features a set of additives that improve oxidation stability and ageing.

Furthermore, the product has copper deactivators that protect materials made from copper and yellow metals. It has anti-wear additives that have been based on zincdialkyldithiophosphates to protect motors, hydraulic pumps and other machine components even when operating at both hot and cold temperatures.

Fuchs’ Renolin B series are hydraulic fluids as specified in DIN 51 524-2 and lubricating oils as defined in DIN 51 517. The additives used in this product ensure it can perform at the highest levels whilst having a long life. These additives ensure that the system can be operated reliably, even at high temperatures and with high loads.

Fuchs Renolin B10 VG32 meets the requirements of Denison’s HF 0 specification, which is a hybrid pump test and the T6H20C combination of vane pumps and piston pumps.

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Weight20 kg
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20L, 205L