Fuchs Renolin B30 VG100




Fuchs Renolin B30 VG100, a product in this manufacturer’s B series, is a hydraulic fluid that has been based on specific mineral oils. They have been manufactured according to both DIN 51 517 for lubricating oils and DIN 51 524-2.

This lubricant contains a set of quality additives that can improve ageing, oxidation stability and can protect against the effects of corrosion. It contains copper deactivators that protect components made from copper and other yellow metals. The additives have anti-wear properties, centred around zincdialkyldithiophosphates to give protection for machine elements, components, motors and hydraulic pumps against wear when operating at high and low temperatures, and with high loads.

Furthermore, the additives used with Fuchs Renolin B30 VG100 can guarantee the highest levels of hydraulic performance as well as a long operating life, even when used at high temperatures, with high loads.

This oil, and others in the Renolin B series, all pass the Denison hybrid pump test (HF 0 specification), which is a combination of piston pumps and vane pumps, known as the T6H20C combination.

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Weight 205 kg
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20L, 205L