Fuchs Renolit Anti-Seize Paste




Fuchs Renolit Anti-Seize Paste has now been discontinued. You may consider PBC-D as an alternative. Click here to purchase PBC-D.


Fuchs Renolit Anti-Seize Paste is a special blend of molybdenum disulphide in a grease-type carrier. The compound was originally developed in conjunction with Rolls Royce Ltd. for use as assembly compound for nuts, bolts and fasteners to be subjected to high temperatures.

The use of Renolit Anti-Seize Paste helps prevent pick-up and seizure of mating parts which are subjected to temperatures of up to 350ºC. Applications include successful use as anti-fretting
lubricants on the backs of shell bearings, sliding splines and diesel injector faces. Used as assembly compounds they help prevent scuffing on piston engine valve stems and many similar applications. Fuchs Renolit Anti-Seize Paste has a high molybdenum disulphide content making it suitable for use where clearances are large, or where duties are arduous.

Advantages of using Fuchs Renolit Anti-Seize Paste

  • Satisfactory at both high and low temperatures – perform at up to 350ºC
  • Used for both high speed and slow, intermittent applications
  • Contains molybdenum disulphide.
  • Unlike graphite, molybdenum disulphide does not depend upon the presence of a film of moisture for successful operation and is therefore satisfactory under vacuum conditions
  • Shows excellent low friction lubrication properties

Rolls Royce Approved

Fuchs Renolit Anti-Seize Paste is approved to Rolls Royce Specifications:

  • DTD 5617
    DTD 5530

Method of Application

A thin film of the material should be applied to the surfaces to be treated before assembly. Due to its laminar structure, molybdenum disulphide adheres strongly to surfaces. Working the compound onto surfaces with, for example a cotton pad, can produces a thin protective layer.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Pack Size

500g tin, 12 x 500g tins