Fuchs White Soft Paraffin Petroleum Jelly – BP/EP Silkolene 783/L – 12.5KG




Fuchs WSP 783-L

Fuchs White Soft Paraffin 783-L is a translucent lubricant that is both soft and unctuous. It meets the requirements and standards set by the British and European Pharmacopoeia Monographs. The product has been manufactured under a medicines licence, number ML2021/01, and meets the standards required by the Medicines Act of 1968, in accordance with the GMP?s (Good Manufacturing Practice) rules and regulations.

Main applications

The product is used in many applications, particularly in those more familiar to the general public. Fuchs White Soft Paraffin 783-L is used in cosmetics and toiletry products, as well as being a base for pharmaceutical and medicinal ointments.

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Weight 12.5 kg