Mobil EAL Arctic 22


This product has been discontinued. Please consider Mobil SHC Gargoyle 32 as a possible replacement
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Mobil EAL Arctic 22 has been discontinued with no direct equivalent. The closest alternative would be Mobil SHC Gargoyle 32.

Mobil’s EAL Arctic Series consists of a range of Environmental Awareness Lubricants (EAL). These oils are quality, completely synthetic products that are specially designed for refrigeration compressor and system lubrication. Ozone safe, HFC refrigerants are used in the formula. The term “HFCs” refers to the chlorine-free formulations that are currently replacing refrigerants that contain chlorine.

Mobil EAL Arctic 22 is made using proprietary synthesised polyolesters (POEs). This, plus specific additives, ensure superlative properties of wear and friction protection as well as thermal, hydrolytic and chemical stability. The oils are fully compatible with HFC refrigerants and offer reliable pressure, viscosity and temperature relationships with HFCs.

The Mobil EAL Arctic Series are the go-to product globally for a number of key players in the compressor and system building industry. Mobil particularly recommend this range for use with those air conditioning and refrigeration systems that make use of HFC refrigerants.

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