Houghton Sitala D 201.03 FF – 209L

Quaker Houghton



Sitala D 201.03 FF is a high-quality metalworking fluid recommended for light to medium duty operations on ferrous metals and aluminium. It is free of chlorine, hexahydrotriazine and secondary amines. Sitala D 201.03 FF is an excellent general purpose product recommended for all types of light to medium duty operations (including grinding) on cast-iron, steel and aluminium alloys, over a broad water hardness range.

In accordance with REACH regulations, products containing a formaldehyde-releasing biocide manufactured after 1st December 2018 will now be labelled differently and will include the CLP hazard pictograms for Acute Toxicity and Serious Health Hazard. They may also be labelled as a carcinogenic (can cause cancer). Due to this, The Sitala D 201.03 has been replaced by the Sitala D 201.03 FF.

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Weight 209 kg