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Millers Antifreeze Alpine Red is an ethylene glycol based antifreeze for the commercial and automotive industry manufactured using Organic Acid Technology (OAT). It is suitable for use in cooling systems of all internal combustion engines for year-round use. It contains no nitrites, amines, phosphates, borates, silicates or any other mineral additives.

Benefits of using Alpine Red Antifreeze

The OAT Technology that Millers Alpine Red Antifreeze is based on helps to offer protection against corrosion of all metals found in the cooling system down to -70°C. Alpine Red is an extended life antifreeze; operators can expect to acheive 155,000 miles (250,000 km) in passenger cars and up to 620,000 miles (1,000,000 km) in commercial vehicles, or 5 years whichever comes first.

It exceeds BS 6580:2010 and offers freezing protection dow to -40°C when used as a 50:50 mix with water. Alpine Red Antifreeze is available in both concentrated form and a premixed solution ready to use (50:50 with water). Dilution rates for the concentrated product are as follows:

Dilution RateFreezing Protection
25% volume in water-12°C
33% volume in water-20°C
50% volume in water-40°C
67% volume in water-70°C

Quality Standards

Alpine Red Antifreeze meets the following international quality standards and the requirements of OEM specifications:

International Quality StandardsOEM Specifications
AFNOR NF R15-601 (FR)Chrysler MS 9176
ASTM D3306 / D4656 / D4985 (USA)Cummins CES 14603
AS 2108 (AUS)DAF 74002
BS 6580:2010 (UK)Ford WSS-M97B44-D, ESE & ESD M97B49-A
CUNA NC 956-16 (IT)General Motors GM 6277M, GM 1899M, Opel GM QL 130100
FVV Heft R443 (DE)John Deere H24 B1 & B2
SAE J 1034 (USA)Leyland LTS 22AF10
UNE 26361-88 (ES)Mack 14GS 17004
MAN 324 SNF, MAN B&W D365600, MAN 248
Mercedes MB 325.3
Renault 41-01-001
Volkswagen VAG / Seat / Skoda TL774 D&F, G12 & G12+
Volvo VCS


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