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The Millway range of quality slideway lubricants from Millers Oils is manufactured using a blend of base stocks and an additive package, including a “tacky” additive. This tacky additive helps the product adhere to both horizontal and vertical slides, ways and beds.


Millers Millway products are ready to use for the smooth lubrication of slides and ways where stick-slip-free performance is required. The tackifier used in this slideway oil stops undesirable “fling-off”. Millway slideway oils may also be used in other applications where a tacky lubricant is required.

The benefits of using Millers Millway slideway lubricants, which are available in 6 different viscosity grades, are:

  • Ultimate hydraulic performance can be acheived through careful consideration of viscosity selection. Millway products will work in sync with the hydraulic system.
  • Millway slideway oils provide outstanding anti-wear and corrosion properties, helping to extend machine and tool life.
  • The high level of lubricity in Millers Millway prevents the common issue of stick-slip.
  • Because of the tacky additive used in these products, a non-drip formulation means Millers Millway slideway oils are perfect for the lubrication of verticle surfaces.

Millers Millway slideway oils are available in 6 viscosity grades. These include the more common ISO VG 68 and 220 grades as well as ISO VG 32, 100 and 150 for some more niche applications.

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ISO VG 32, ISO VG 68, ISO VG 100, ISO VG 150, ISO VG 220

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