Mobil DTE Oil Heavy – 20L




Mobil DTE Heavy

The Mobil DTE series of named lubricants is a set of superior performance circulating oils that have been specifically designed for applications including hydro and steam turbine systems, as well as others where a longer lubricant service life is essential. This range of products is manufactured using highly refined base stocks, and combines them with a complex set of additives to help provide an outstanding level of thermal and chemical stability, as well as properties that can separate water and contaminants while protecting from emulsification.

As well as these characteristics, Mobil DTE named lubricants have great protective qualities against corrosion, wear and rust. It is these features that make them the product of choice for so many users across a number of industries and applications. Mobil products have a renowned reputation for versatility, protection and reliability and this is based on decades of success and happy customers.

Key features and advantages

As part of the Mobil range of oils and lubricants, the DTE named series oils all come with a number of features that bring about a wealth of advantages for the user. These include:

Excellent protective qualities

This range of Mobil DTE oils possesses some excellent protective characteristics that are important across a number of applications. This includes protection against wear, rust and corrosion in the long term. Such a feature means that equipment can have a longer life and operate more smoothly. In turn, this means that there is a minimised amount of unscheduled downtime for maintenance work, so maintenance costs reduce and productivity can increase.

Outstanding air release and resistance to foaming

This product range has an excellent resistance to foaming and the build up of deposits. Furthermore, it has been designed to have an outstanding air release, which means pump cavitation can be avoided. As well as this, erratic and noisy operation can then be eliminated.

Thermal and chemical stability

One of the key features of this product is that is has a top-notch level of thermal and chemical stability. This can also help to reduce the formation of sludge and varnishing, which can lead to a longer oil life in the majority of circulation systems, meaning that oil replacement charges can be reduced.

Main applications

This range of lubricants has long been the product of choice for many users because of its protective qualities and versatility, which has been backed up by Mobil?s worldwide reputation for providing quality products.

This set of circulating lubricants has been designed for specific applications such as marine and land-based steam turbine systems, hydro turbines and a selection of gas turbine systems.

As well as this, the versatility of the product means that it can be recommended for use in applications such as moderate severity hydraulic pumps and compressor and vacuum pumps that handle air and natural gases.

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