Mobil EAL Arctic 68 – 4x5L




If you require an outstanding lubricant for use with refrigeration compressors and systems, then Mobil EAL Arctic 68 might suit your needs perfectly. This series of extraordinary oils are Environmental Awareness Lubricants (EAL) only containing synthetic ingredients. Refrigerants containing chlorine are being replaced globally by HFC refrigerants that are chlorine-free.

This range of oils offer an outstanding level of chemical and thermal stability, friction and wear protection and hydrolytic stability. The formula contains proprietary synthesised polyolesters (POEs) plus additives that have been chosen very carefully. Mobil EAL Arctic 68 can be combined with HFC refrigerants and even when used like this will give a great performance in terms of pressure, temperature and viscosity.

The Mobil EAL Arctic series is the product of choice for a range of air conditioning and refrigeration system manufacturers across the globe. This range is highly recommended for the lubrication of air-conditioning systems as well as household and commercial refrigerators.

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Weight 20 kg