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Polyalkylene glycol-based (PAG) lubricants such as Mobil Glygoyle 11, 22 and 30 are well known for providing excellent lubrication in the extreme high temperatures needed for gear, bearing and circulation systems beyond the abilities of regular mineral oils. These products have great shear stability and resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, as well as against deposit and sludge formation.

These lubricants are wax free, giving them low pour points, as well as having an extremely high viscosity index. Another feature of these lubricants is that the coefficients of traction and friction are much lower than those of mineral oils. It is these characteristics that help them deliver lower working temperatures across many applications, providing an excellent performance in some of the more severe industries for over 25 years.

Mobil Glygoyle 11, 22 and 30 are all the go-to products for a lot of severe services and are highly recommended for use in specific applications, including high-temperature paper machine bearing, severe plastic calendar operations, compressor manufacturing and more.

The benefits

This brand of lubricants has been specifically created in order to adhere to the needs of industrial equipment, where the use of synthetic and other mineral-based products were not able to perform to a satisfactory level.

Some of the benefits of this lubricant include lower maintenance costs, as the higher performance in terms of sludge resistance leads to an extended lubricant life, and an increase in production and lower operating temperatures, which can in turn increase charge life and lower power consumption.

A further benefit of this product is that the low coefficients of both friction and traction mean that it can minimise the effects of micro slip in contact bearing rolling, leading to a longer usable life for equipment.

Warnings and limitations

As with many products, Mobil Glygoyle products also have their limitations. It is important to note that these products have different properties that make them incompatible to other synthetic and mineral-based oils, and depending on the type, they may not be compatible with other PAG-based lubricants. For example, this type of lubricant is also hygroscopic and absorbs more water than mineral and synthetic oils, meaning that the user should take extra caution not to expose these oils to excessive moisture.

It is important to note that PAG lubricants are not compatible with the standard seals of these other types of lubricants; the incompatible materials used are likely to either swell or shrink, which can cause severe leakages or seizures of the seal.

A final point is that although this type of lubricant is ideal for applications with ferrous and most non-ferrous materials, PAG lubricants such as the Mobil Glygoyle range are not suited to metal alloys containing magnesium or aluminium. This can lead to an increased wear with equipment.

Mobil Glygoyle 11 is a product with many strengths when used with the right applications. It is also an item offered by Oil-Store. Get in touch with one of our team members today by visiting our Contact Us page and find out more about the Mobil Glygoyle range, or order the product from our website.

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