Mobil SHC Cibus 68 – 20L




Mobil’s SHC Cibus 68 is one of the very best lubricants available. This high-quality oil is manufactured by oil industry leaders Mobil, and is formulated for compatibility with gear, compression, bearing and hydraulic systems. Protective ingredients are added to prolong equipment life, ensuring seamless operation and a superb performance. The lubricant is therefore perfect for use during food and drink production.

This exceptional formula includes NSF and FDA registered hydrocarbon-based fluid as well as a carefully selected combination of additives. A supreme level of performance as well as a high viscosity index is the result. This oil is very reliable and efficient even at high or low temperatures, and during high loading or high wash-down procedures.

The Mobil SHC Cibus range is fully compliant with NSF H1, so the risk of dispensation in areas of high contamination is much reduced. The lubricants are Title 21 CFR 178.3570 approved for use in food production, in line with Food and Drug Administration (USA) standards. The oil’s use during food processing is also approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

This oil meets the strict regulations of ISO 21469, which results in a higher level of safety and quality in food processing plants. It is also well suited to Kosher or Halal food production.

The formula has no colour and is almost completely odour-free. This lubricant contains no allergens such as nuts or gluten, nor any type of animal products. The oil’s molecular structure allows for lower traction coefficients too, which means there are only nominal levels of fluid friction when in used with non-conforming surface load expanses.

This superior product is thus more than satisfactory even when operations require a reduced temperature. The lubricant ensures maximal machine efficiency and thus less power is used, lowering operational costs. The formula’s additives will extend the lifespan of equipment, as well as offering great oxidation stability and protection against corrosion, wear and rusting. This even applies where moist conditions exist.

Mobil SHC Cibus 68 can replace standard mineral oils, as they can be used with a spectrum of materials contained in machinery and its components, including seals. The lubricant is suitable for gear, hydraulic, circulation and bearing systems, the likes of which are often found in food processing areas.

Even in the most demanding conditions, users of this oil are assured of an impressive performance. It is highly effective even with multi-metallurgy equipment, plus for both above and below the line processes. Risk is therefore reduced and operational costs lowered.

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