Mobil SHC Gear 220 – 20L



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Mobil SHC Gear 220

The Mobil SHC Gear series of lubricants are a set of high performing synthetic industrial gear oils that have been specially manufactured to provide an excellent level of protection for gears and bearings, whilst enhancing oil life. The purpose of this product is to ensure a smooth and trouble-free operation for gearbox applications, even those that need to operate under the most hostile temperatures.

These oils have been engineered using synthetic base lubricants that have exceptional thermal and oxidation characteristics as well as a great low temperature fluidity. These fluids are then combined with a special set of additives that ensure protection against regular wear, and the buildup of sludge deposits.

Features and benefits

This product has a number of key features that make it one of the most desired products on the market. These bring a number of advantages that justify its place as a market leader, and include:

Degradation resistance at high temperatures
This oil has an outstanding resistance to degradation, even when exposed to extremely high temperatures. This can help to extend the oil life of the engine and reduce drain intervals and oil consumption. In turn, this can lower maintenance costs and minimise machinery downtime caused by unwanted mechanical issues.

Protection against micropitting and wear
The Mobil SHC Gear series of oils feature a superb level of protection against micropitting fatigue wear and the traditional machinery wear. As a result of this, both bearing and gear life can be extended in enclosed gear drives that operate in severe temperature, speed and load conditions. This too can help reduce the unplanned maintenance requirements, a critical aspect for hard to access gearboxes.

Corrosion and rust protection
This product has also possesses resistance properties against the buildup of rust and corrosion. This helps to give a smooth and trouble-free operation, even with applications requiring a high temperature or water contamination. This makes the product very compatible with a range of soft metals.

Other features
There are a number of other features that make this product the ideal choice for many, which include low traction, an excellent seal compatibility and shear stability that can all help to extend bearing life and give a more efficient performance without the need for constant maintenance.

Main applications

Mobil SHC Gear products are specifically designed to resist micropitting in modern and case hardened gear systems. They can operate in both low and high temperature conditions. This means that this product is recommended for use with applications including plastic extruder gearbox systems.

SHC Gear is also ideal for use with both modern and highly loaded gears that are used in the steel, textile, cement, paper, lumber and oil industries where protection and maximising oil life are of a great importance.

These lubricants are highly recommended for enclosed industrial gear drives such as helical, bevel and steel-on-steel spur gears.

It is highlighted that whilst this product is compatible with the majority of mineral oil based lubricants, a mixture may affect the performance of these products. It is also suggested that machinery should be completely flushed and cleaned out before changing to Mobil SHC Gear oils in order to achieve the best performance results.

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