Mobil Vactra Number 2 – 20L




Mobil Vactra Number 2 is a high quality slideway oil designed for use with precision machine tools. It is part of a series of oils that have been manufactured to meet the standards expected for equipment protection, accuracy and aqueous coolant separability.

This product has been crafted using the best quality base stocks and combining them with a set of high performance additives that allow the product to have an excellent standard of anti-foam and anti-corrosion properties.

The technology behind this special set of additives enables Mobil Vactra 2 to offer low levels of friction within machinery, which can help them to operate more smoothly and at the desired operational speeds. This can lead to an increase in productivity and a prolonged machine working life.

What are the other features of Mobil Vactra Oil No 2?

Excellent performance

Vactra 2 can offer superb levels of performance typical of Mobil, especially in high load bearing applications. The product helps to significantly improve performance by ensuring protection against cross contaminations, which can enhance the performance of coolants and lubricants as well as the service life of the machinery.

Protection against rust and corrosion

This series of oils from Mobil help to reduce deterioration within sliding surfaces that have water and other aqueous coolants present. This protection can give machinery a longer service life and can help to minimise any downtime and maintenance costs.

Main applications of Mobil Vactra No 2

This oil is strongly recommended for use with any machine tool slideway systems. The product has been manufactured to make sure it is a suitable lubricant within machinery made from a combination of cast iron, steel and other materials. The product can be applied manually by hand, through a force-feed lubricator or in flood applications.

Suitable for use with large machines where the pressure is high and where high levels of precision are needed, Mobil Vactra 2 is also recommended for use with inclined or vertical slideways.

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