Mobil Velocite Number 10 – 20L




Mobil Velocite Number 10

The Velocite range from Mobil is made up of a series of prime quality lubricants designed for greasing the high-speed spindles that exist within certain machines, including Velocite Number 10. The lubricants are also compatible with various circulation or critical hydraulic systems and aeroplanes. Mobil has succeeded in producing a range of superior performance oils with a low viscosity index and additives which ensure resistance to foaming, oxidation and corrosion, thereby protecting vital and valuable equipment.

Some unique features of Mobil Velocite Number 10 makes this oil suitable for a whole host of uses, which include the following.

Superb oxidation resistance

This entire range of Mobil oils features a superior level of resistance to oxidation. This results in less deposit formation and build-up, which can have a negative effect on equipment. Machine life is therefore prolonged and productivity increased as there is less need for the downtime required for repairs and maintenance.

Premium protection against corrosives and rust

These lubricants offer superb protection for machinery against rusting and corrosive substances. The unique additives help to prolong the life of equipment, as there is far less build-up of corrosives and rust. Machine precision is improved in the long term, which has benefits for productivity and therefore cost.

Superior water separation

Mobil Velocite Number 10 can drive moisture away from those parts and components of machinery that require the constant presence of a lubricant. Equipment that can easily be damaged is protected by this outstanding formulation. If the user needs to remove moisture from machinery, this is also made far easier by the presence of this oil. Its anti-foaming characteristics also limit emulsion formation.

Prime applications

This grease is ideally formulated for use with those spindle bearing systems that work at no or very low clearance. It can also be used with bearing systems, such as tracer mechanisms, that operate at high speeds.

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