Mobil Vacuoline 533 – 20L




Mobil’s Vacuoline 500 product range is a set of versatile lubricants that are ideal for use with a variety of industrial equipment. This set of oils are heavy duty circulating products with high performance qualities. They were specifically designed to meet the needs of No-Twist Rod mills, but their versatility and all-round performance means that they are a great choice for circulation systems, bearings and lubricating gears.

The Vacuoline series is able to meet the Morgan Construction Company’s critical requirements for its high speed No-Twist Rod Mills and the circulation requirements of Danielli Rod Mills.

This product set is formulated from base stocks of the highest quality and has been combined with a proprietary set of additives, allowing the product to provide extra oil retention, superior wettability and a thin film protection against corrosion and rust.

Furthermore, Vacuoline 500 oils have outstanding resistance to thermal degradation and oxidation as well as excellent protection against water. These products possess a great level of demulsibility, which permits water and any other contaminants to separate themselves from oil in a system’s reservoir.

At Oil Store, we offer all six different viscosity grades of Mobil Vacuoline 500.

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Weight20 kg