Mobil Unirex N3




The Mobil Unirex N series is a set of premium quality greases made with a special lithium complex thickener. These products have been based on solvent-refined mineral oils and perform well in high temperature applications, such as rolling element bearings. This makes them perfect for use as an electric motor lubricator.

Key features and advantages

There are many features and advantages that make this series of greases the product of choice across so many applications. These include:

Outstanding performance in high temperatures

This product has been designed with a lithium-complex thickener that is resistant to softening and running out of bearings. This means that the grease can operate to a high standard in temperatures up to 190?C.

Low temperature characteristics

As well as outstanding high temperature performances, the Mobil Unirex N series has excellent low temperature properties as well. The product can be used with start-up temperatures as low as -20?C, meeting the DIN 51825 low temperature torque requirements.

Corrosion and water resistant

This product also has excellent resistance to both water and corrosion meaning that there will be little water washout and bearings will be protected against corrosion and the build-up of harmful deposits that cause unwanted machinery downtime.

Excellent grease life

Mobil Unirex N series greases have been thoroughly tested through a number of bearing rig tests which have shown that the product has an outstanding level of continuous lubrication, even with bearing temperatures measuring up to 140?C.

Suited to high-speed applications

This grease also channels characteristics that make it an excellent performer in high-speed applications such as those experienced with deep-groove ball bearings. Mobil Unirex 3 is ideal for use where bearing diameter x rotations per minute is in excess of 360,000.

Main applications

The versatility of this product means that it can be used across a variety of applications, which include various industrial purposes. However, the main recommended application is for electric-motor lubrication.

As well as this, Mobil Unirex 3 can be used for other special applications including sealed-for-life and vertically mounted bearings.

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