Mobil Velocite Number 6 – 20L




Mobil Velocite Number 6

Mobil’s Velocite Number 6 lubricant is tailor made for greasing the type of high-speed spindles found within machinery. The oil may also be used to lubricate airliners, some types of circulation systems, and critical hydraulic systems. This product offers an outstanding level of performance and is also supremely reliable. The formula also features a base of low viscosity, along with carefully selected ingredients that are corrosion-resistant, therefore ensuring equipment protection against oxidation, rusting and foaming.

Principal features and benefits

These Mobil Velocite oils feature certain properties making them the number one choice for a range of uses. Some examples are as follows:

Oxidation protection

Mobil Velocite Number 6 has been formulated to provide a high level of oxidation resistance. This helps to lower the incidence of deposit build-up, and lengthens oil life. The result is less equipment downtime for maintenance or repair.

Impressive rust and corrosion protection

This high-quality Mobil oil has inherent qualities that help to prevent rust and resist corrosives. Specially chosen additives can even prolong the life of machinery, which is the result of improving the precision of the equipment. Reduced build-up of contaminants means less of the rusting and corrosion that can cause damage.

Superb water separation

The formula repels moisture and also lowers the incidence of emulsification. Aqueous matter is resisted, protecting those machine parts that might otherwise suffer water damage. Superb water separation abilities also help to stop moisture reaching machine parts and components in the first place. Removing any excess moisture is thus made far easier.

Chief applications

Mobil Velocite Number 6 can be used to oil spindle bearings, including any operating at nil or acutely close clearance. The lubricant can also be used to grease rapidly operating bearing mechanisms, including tracer systems.

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